Biogaz des Marches de Bretagne

Maen Roch (35)

Feedstock sources

24 000 tonnes per year


Livestock manure

Crop waste

Agri-food industry waste


120 Nm³ CH⁴/h

Ter’Green has joined forces with 14 farmers, the local semi-public company Energ’iv, BreizhÉnergie, Energie Partagée, the Couesnon Marche de Bretagne local council community, the Pays de Fougères SMICTOM (public service) and LLC Vadma to develop and co-finance a regional biomethane plant in the commune of Maen Roch in the French department of Ille-et-Vilaine. The plant aims to recycle 22,000 tonnes of agricultural waste and biowaste from the surrounding area to produce 120 Nm³/h of biomethane to be injected into the GRDF network, as well as 20,000 tonnes of digestate that will be used by farms as a substitute for conventional fertilisers.

Households supplied with gas
Gas-powered buses

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