Operating and maintaining

Since 2014, we have helped optimize the performance of biomethane plants. To do this, we offer services that leverage all operational drivers requiring concurrent management.



As organic waste experts, we bring together waste producers and short-circuit plants to recycle waste and benefit the country as a whole.


We do everything in our power to ensure your plant stands the test of time

Ensuring optimal plant operation

From start-up through to operation, we support you to ensure optimal plant performance. We provide high-performance solutions, whether for day-to-day operations, compliance upgrades or the introduction of new processes designed by our R&D centre.

On a human level

People play a vital role in the smooth running of any machine. They observe, feel and figure out what’s going well and what requires improvement. Our partner subsidiary, SYCOMORE,

specialises in the day-to-day management of biomethane plant operations. The company can provide ad hoc support or long-term operation and maintenance contracts.

On a technical level

Drawing on the experience and expertise gained from our more than 80 operational biomethane plants, we are well placed to offer a wide range of technical services: biological monitoring, maintenance (via our subsidiary SYCOMORE), spare parts, new machinery and more. Whatever your requirements, we’re on hand to ensure optimal plant performance.

On an organisational level

As part of a delegated management agreement, we can pool resources between nearby sites (human resources, equipment), negotiate group contracts (energy suppliers, regulations, purchases) and introduce joint management and operation tools. This means you can save money while also benefiting from shared expertise.

Sustainable operations

Making regular inspections and updates will ensure your plant stands the test of time.

Conduct regulatory monitoring and compliance upgrades

• Ensure that the plant is still compliant with the prefectoral operation decree (compliance rate) prior to commissioning. If there are any changes to regulations, we can draw up an action plan to ensure compliance.

Where we are involved in operational plants, we ascribe the upmost importance to site compliance.

• Monitor any changes in legal texts and make the necessary adjustments.
• Adapt to the current environment and adjust the strategy based on new requirements or market evolutions (electricity prices, new standards, etc.).

Optimising and innovating for the future

It is important to stay ahead of the game and to monitor any changes in the biomethane industry so you can capitalise on them accordingly. With the help of our subsidiary SYCOMORE, we are now able to determine which tools and pieces of equipment could be replaced by more suitable or less energy-intensive versions. As a result, we can maintain the performance of your plant and guarantee profitability well into the future.

Looking ahead, you can rely on our support, whatever challenges the market throws at you. As new innovations emerge, we can offer services that allow you to capitalise on additional revenue streams (new hygienisation and deconditioning systems that allow you to use biowaste as feedstock, installing solar panels to reduce energy bills, CO2 recovery and resale, etc.).

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