Agri Seudre Energies

Le Chay (17)

Feedstock sources

17 960 tonnes per year


Livestock manure

Crop waste

Agri-food industry waste


140 Nm³ CH⁴/h

The company Agri Seudre Energies injects locally produced green gas into the gas network that has been operated by GRDF since September 2021. Launched in 2012 by a group of farmers in the area around Royan and led by a group that includes TER’GREEN, le Zoo de La Palmyre and the agricultural cooperative Océalia, this plant generates 12 billion kWh of renewable gas a year (130 Nm³/h), enough to meet the yearly requirements of more than 2,000 households. Built by NASKEO, the biomethane plant also processes 17,960 tonnes of organic waste every year (primarily bovine/equine manure plus cereal offal), producing 15,000 tonnes of digestate – a completely natural fertiliser – and providing employment for three local residents.

This project operates in line with the region’s energy transition and circular economy plans. To enhance its green credentials even further, the group decided to cover the entire roof of the plant’s biggest building with solar panels (1,800 m2), meeting the equivalent of 35% of its electricity needs (90% of the electricity generated by the solar panels is used by the plant with the remaining 10% sent to the ENEDIS energy distribution network).

Households supplied with gas
Gas-powered buses

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